Looking for Magic Bullet, Magic Pill, Big Weight Loss Break?

Believing in the “big weight loss break” is worse than simply being lazy. It’s actually dangerous, because it can keep you from taking the actions you need to take to create the results you want. It can even be lethal.

Your breakthrough will come at the end of a series of consistent, determined, compounding-interest workouts.

Our entire health-crisis is nothing but one set of little decisions, made daily and compounded daily, winning out over another set of little decisions, made daily and compounded daily.



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Every single January in every gym in America, hundreds of thousands of people start over in a process that they will soon quit — only because they haven’t set themselves up with the right expectations. They aren’t looking for incremental progress; they’re looking for results they can feel. They’re looking for a breakthrough. If this is you, you never had a chance.
Easy to do, easy not to do … and in that tiny, seemingly insignificant little choice not to do, you needlessly live out lives of quite desperation.

We look for the cure, the breakthrough, the magic pill — the medical-scientific quantum leap miracle our press has dubbed the “magic bullet.” But the solution already exists. It always did. Is it magic? Yes–the same magic that caused the problem : the power of daily actions, compounded over time.

You want an miracle? Be the miracle. Once you absorb this, you’ll stop looking for the quantum leap–and start building it.

In good health,