Attitude is Everything! How Should I Quit My Job?

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Attitude is Everything

you did it now help others get fit and make moneyFor years, Mr. T earned $15 an hour as a kickboxing and martial arts instructor. Making ends meet was a struggle. “I love teaching fitness,” he explains. “But existing paycheck to paycheck was a constant stress. It’s no way to live, especially when you have kids.”

Although fitness was his passion, Mr. T often considered leaving the industry. But to do what? “I was willing to work hard,” Mr. T says, “but never really trained to do anything else. I was out of answers.” Then a solution came to him—in the mail.

“I was honored with an invitation to teach kickboxing at a Breakthrough to Success seminar in Scottsdale,” Mr. T recalls.


That’s where he met Team Beachbody® Coach. “I knew about Beachbody,” explains Mr. T, “I’d ordered P90X from an ad in a fitness magazine a few years before.” He was only too pleased to be recruited by my coach. It was September 2008 and suddenly Mr. T had a plan for earning extra income in the field he loved.

A little more effort, a lot more achievement
By January 2010, Mr. T still had more potential than business. “Everything was in place, except my attitude,” admits Mr. T. Overwhelmed with the duties of parenting and work, he was slow to take action with his business. “I didn’t give the opportunity the time or attention it needed to take off.” Then, coming home from a family trip, Mr. T felt something inside him shift.

“I was done, fed up with the same old struggle. Then it occurred to me that committing to my business wasn’t something I HAD to do. It was something I WANTED to do. Just like that, my attitude changed.” So did his actions.

He called his Coach who recommended the Game Plan. Mr. T jumped in with both feet. He says, “I adopted Ralph Waldo Emerson’s mantra, ‘Do the thing and you will have the power!'” He attended every corporate event and immersing himself motivated him to work even harder. “I took on the 90 Days to Diamond Challenge,” he smiles.


Team Beachbody Coaching—Help others get fit, Earn extra money, 25% product discounts. Tell me more about becoming a Coach!

Team Beachbody Coaching—Help others get fit, Earn extra money, 25% product discounts. Tell me more about becoming a Coach!

Success in 90 days—or less
Just 80 days later, the day he arrived in LA for Coach Summit 2010, Mr. T had gone Diamond. And the rewards kept coming. “I qualified for the Success Club cruise. It was incredible. It was also my first vacation since 1993.” But there were more challenges to come for Mr. T.

Thankfully, after finding so much success as a Coach, Mr. T found it easier to handle life’s obstacles, too. “Shortly after going Diamond, I went through a difficult break-up. I moved from California across the country, to East Coast. I had to leave my local network, but it gave me the chance to reconnect with old friends.”

Mr. T brought his buddy Mr. C  to Team Beachbody, and Mr. C went Diamond in only 51 days. “He’s in qualification for One Star Diamond Coach, just seven months into the business,” beams Mr. T. “Now we have two Fit Clubs going at the on East Coast!” And things keep getting better for Mr. T.

Good fortune is contagious
These days, the good fortune Mr. T has brought into his life has spread to people around him, too. “One of my Coaches, Ms. P., is now in one of the  infomercial.  Mr. T’s children reap the rewards of his business, too. “Now, with my flexible schedule, I can be there for my girls,” he says. It’s a wave Mr. T intends to keep riding.

“I’m Star Diamond now and I plan to be 5 Star Diamond or better by the end of 2011. I want to achieve 10 Star by Summit 2012. And I am committed to building a strong Hispanic Team.” And these ideas are modest compared to his long-term goals. “Most important, I want to open Ireland as a market! I have lots of family there,” he explains.

Now, more than ever, Mr. T is a huge proponent of personal growth and development. He recognizes that there will always be challenges, but now has a strategy for rising above them. “You gotta let go of the No’s and keep it moving. Put in the effort; what you get out of it is success. The growth of my business is the perfect barometer of that.”

Coach’s Playbook:

  • Be a product of the product. You are the “after” picture. Tell others how you got here.
  • Talk to strangers. They are some of your richest prospects.
  • If you believe in the products, speak with conviction about your experience.
  • Write down your goals and work off that list. This yields demonstrably better results than just keeping it in your head.
  • You don’t have to let negative thoughts or experiences weigh you down. Shake them off and keep going!

Team Beachbody Coaching—Help others get fit, Earn extra money, 25% product discounts. Tell me more about becoming a Coach!