Have you ever ordered a package online, and when you get it in the mail, there’s something extra in there? It’s a pretty great feeling, huh? Turns out, there’s an added benefit to CIZE that’s kind of like getting something free with each class. In addition to having a blast and getting a great workout, which is why your participants are there in the first place, they’re also benefiting their brains! This is proof mind-body wellness isn’t just for yoga!

CIZE™ Live for Mind and Body

Black Bean Salad
Discover how eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated or boring! I'm sharing with you 55 very easy-to-prepare and delicious snacks under 100 calories. These snacks will keep your taste-buds super-duper happy. Start today by developing healthier eating habits, becoming more active, and getting on track to start feeling better about your body with these healthy snack ideas.

55 Yummy Snacks Under 150 Calories

coach allura - jumping rope circuit training routine
Command your body to melt the fat. A ‘clean-eating’ plan combined with 2 or 3 of the above circuits per week will turn your body into an fat burning machine. Different from other methods of cardio, jumping rope, take some time to learn. Coordination requires some practice to learn, and only then can you jump rope for a workout. So once you've learned to jump rope try mixing with resistance training exercises, then give the training below a try!

Jump rope training routines Part 2 – Burn fat and lose the weight jumping rope

P90X program provide an intense and varied home workout. The DVD workouts provide different muscle group combinations as well as cardio workouts, flexibility routines and exercises to enhance athletic ability. The nutrition plan takes participants through different phases of nutrition every 30 days

What’s the P90x Workout Plan Everyone is Doing?

... you may have indulged in one or several of these Mexican foods. And if you overindulged, those trips to the bathroom won't let you forget them. But there are also some lesser-known foods that are equally delicious—and, if you eat too much, potentially ...

Test Your Mexican Cuisine IQ!