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Just Do It. Attitude is Everything! How Should I Quit My Job?
Team Beachbody Coaching—Help others get fit, Earn extra money, 25% product discounts. For years, Mr. T earned $15 an hour as a kickboxing and martial arts instructor. Making ends meet was a struggle. "I love teaching fitness," he explains. "But existing paycheck to paycheck was a constant stress. It's no way to live, especially when you have kids."

Attitude is Everything! How Should I Quit My Job?

fashion on how to dress after weight loss
51 Year Old Database Administrator led an inactive lifestyle. Eating junk food, going out for meals and rarely exercising. If you're impressed with how good Walter looks now that he's down to a 33 inch waist, you won't even believe how lean he looks in his sexy new fitted leather jacket and his slimming new European suit!

Slim Style – Walter Shows Guys How to Dress to Impress

P90X program provide an intense and varied home workout. The DVD workouts provide different muscle group combinations as well as cardio workouts, flexibility routines and exercises to enhance athletic ability. The nutrition plan takes participants through different phases of nutrition every 30 days

What’s the P90x Workout Plan Everyone is Doing?

This is an article from a professional who teaches for one the most respected kettlebell training communities in the country. It was written by Dr. Mark Cheng in response to some of his students and peers who were questioning his vocal support of Shakeology. Dr. Cheng gave us permission to reprint it here.

Shakeology®: A Shake Too Good to Be True?

Is Soda good for You
It's the single greatest caloric source in the world, accounting for somewhere between 11 and 19 percent of all the calories consumed worldwide. It's cheap, addictive, and readily available, which generally means that it will take some willpower to avoid. But don't despair, as we at Beachbody® are here to help. We present: our top 10 reasons to give up soda. Drumroll please . . .

Top 10 Reason to give up Soda